Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to make money writing for Wizzley

Making some extra money daily through revenue sharing sites is an useful methods. Though, the money is from each revenue sharing site is low, writing for several of them would get you a decent sum in a month.
Wizzley is one such revenue-share writing site. I have not written for Wizzley yet. I have read stories of others’ success with it. Similar to other revenue sharing sites that include Squidoo and Hub Pages, you build your content in Wizzley with options to add all kinds of “modules” through which you can add products, polls, etc.

What can you write about?

You can write just about anything you are comfortable with although it would be advisable to write about things that people are actively searching for information.

How can you earn money?

Wizzley provides you with several different options for monetizing your content including:
Google Adsense,

The revenue sharing ratio is 50% mostly. However, your earnings from Amazon, eBay, etc will be 100%.  You can also increase your earnings by referring your friends to Wizzley. You’ll get 10 percent of earnings from their ad impressions.

Wizzley is open worldwide.

In addition, Wizzley has a forum you can access for help with creating your pages and also tips from people who are earning money.  
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