Friday, March 8, 2013

Get paid to compile lists.

Can you compile a list of resources? It can be on anything such as ’10 hotels in New York that are pet friendly” or “Fifteen best ebooks to learn SEO” and so on.

Lists are hot sellers in the Internet. You have to scour the web, compile your list and sell it. It is total free money boss!
Get paid to compile list offers to buy lists and is ready to pay up to $100 per list. The site contains interesting lists under plenty of categories. 

If you are looking for an idea to compile list, you can browse through the lists in the site. 

Of course, your list needs to be unique, not published before anywhere on the Internet. You are paid through Paypal. I read there is a bonus thrown in if your published list is rated and ranked subsequently under top 5 lists.

Remember, $100 is big money. Therefore, unless your list is really good and contains a minimum of 1000 words, your work is likely to get rejected. Be prepared to work smart to earn $100 per list.