Thursday, October 13, 2011

New opportunity to make money by writing articles.

The name Brad Callen magically pulled hundreds of freelance writers including me towards, an online marketplace for content writers and content requesters.

The site features easy to use interface for both writers and article requesters with the mutual rating system ideally set in. Both the job providers and requesters should rate each other when the job is completed.

I completed three articles so far and all of them were approved. While two job providers gave me a 5 star rating, one gave me only 3 star rating though I thought the article I wrote for him came out particularly well. This proves that likes and dislikes are purely relative terms similar to beauty and ugly.

The article requesters' special instructions to writers contain only 4 to 5 words about what they want. This paltry guidance would not help the article writers to get the best ratings. I believe Brad Callen should instruct the article requesters to be more explicit in their instructions.

The popularity and the patronage in just a few weeks are so immense that I foresee its long stint in the freelance content world.

I would say another fiverr has born.