Saturday, October 22, 2011

Middle class bloggers tool.

As far as wealth is concerned, there three basic categories; rich, middle class and poor. I would like to attribute this same classification to the bloggers as well.

I am a middle class blogger meaning I acknowledge the fact fully that there are a lot of bloggers who write so much better than me. Well, English is not my mother tongue but this is not an excuse but a fact.

Middlecalss bloggers are sometimes short of blog ideas or blog language. For them exclusively, there is a tool called 'Instant Article Wizzard' that is a sort of automatic article content puller from the web based on your choice of keywords and topic. At least this is what I understood from the website which I feel could be little more clear. It gathers articles in 6 languages.

But I don't think I will use it. I firmly believe I have still some creativity left. I thank God for that. If my mind is experiencing middle class writing mood, then I could as well shut of my PC and go, read a book of Dr.Wayne Dyer.