Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Earn $5 per day posting in forums.

Do you wonder who will pay you to post in forums? Do you think it is a scam?

No. It is not a scam and I have been paid to post in forums. There was an Indian who was operating a forum marketing site and he paid me. He has closed his shop.

If you don't trust me, go to webeserve.com and browse through the tasks that are advertised by people who want certain things get done. Webeserve is a marketplace for freelancers.

Or, go to forums.digitalpoint.com and visit the 'Buy and Sell services. You will find forum posting opportunities. You can also offer your services as a forum poster.

You earn a minimum of 10 cents per post. You can make roughly $5 per day posting in forums.

Forum marketing can be an excellent way to generate income. It can pave way for a full time income if you are sincere and dedicated.

I have compiled a list of places that hire forum posters. Email me if you are interested in my list.