Monday, August 17, 2009

eHow invites your articles.

eHow, the biggest website on 'How tos' is one of the most visited website. Students, teachers, work at home moms, product developers throng the e-how website constantly for top quality articles on just about any topic you can think of.

eHow encourages you and I to contribute to their huge database of articles. You earn by sharing their ad revenue.

How much can you earn by writing articles for e-How?
I just read an interesting piece of information on the money earning potentiality in eHow.
"Your articles should be allowed to age (up to months) and then wait for the readers to rate your article, read the ads and click."

Yes, it is quite an expectation but the writer says an article can earn a minimum of $1 per month.

So, if you have managed to publish 200 articles in eHow, you can make a minimum of 2000$ per month.

Any takers?