Thursday, August 20, 2009

Affsphere-the article directory that earns you money

Again, I am reminding you about the 8 ways to earn through Affsphere about which I wrote last month titled

Get paid for your articles in eight ways.

What is Affsphere?

Affsphere is a rather new entrant into the directory of articles that are the target for freelance writers because the exposure they get out of article directories.

Affsphere, though new has already made it to the list of top article directories because it is among those who are looking to earn by writing articles.Affsphere offers article writers 8 ways to earn by submitting articles.

Affsphere is the only article directory that allows authors to include affiliate links in the authors' resource box

Are you submitting articles to other popular and not so popular articles directories only to get oneway backlinks and not for money?

Read my earlier post on this topic if you are looking to earn money with your articles.

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