Sunday, November 1, 2009

Earn as a travel writer.

An old friend of mine with whom I have nearly lost touch sprang a surprise by calling me again after 25 full years. She was all news and enthusiasm and her zest for life was instantly contagious.

She revealed that she has been traveling around the world now for free, lazing in 5 star resorts and hotels. eating food that only Lindsay Logan and Naomi Campbell can afford.

Traveling for free!

The secret for all these success: She has become a freelance writer now and her niche is travel. She told me that she has just returned from Canada where she happened to meet my relative and from her got my contact details.

Well, this is one of the perks for being a travel writer-right? And to be a friend of such, I too enjoyed some perks-a bag full of chocolates and perfumes.