Saturday, October 24, 2009

Want to work for a search engine?

I have worked for a top rated search engine whose content is edited by a real human being like I. (Smile). Yes, I worked as content developer for Mahalo.

The work involves you to prepare the content for search page results of Mahalo. For example, if you key in "Senegal" in Mahalo, whatever it shows in the search results should be developed by you.

Here is my work on Senegal that is published by Mahalo.

The learning curve is quite steep but the guides at Mahalo are extremely helpful. You can depend on their guidance but you must quickly learn and be on your own.

You choose which topic you would like to work and you will also know how much you will be paid each task before you start the work.

Essentially, you are paid to search and compile the results in the format designed by Mahalo.

Willing to give a try?