Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to sell your writing skill?

From 2001 to 2006, I used to be very active in internet forums that deals with myriad topics such as income online, work at home, passive income, internet marketing, spiritual development and more.

Some of the topics either started by me or responded by me, developed into a series of responses which if compiled would have turned into high quality web content. But, I realize this only now and that too after I started selling content and product reviews to several outsourcing companies.

I admit I am yet to master the art of article writing. But I a glad that my first three attempts at submitting articles to Ezine Articles, the most prestigious article directory in the internet were accepted starightaway by them.

Do you know, once your articles are published by Ezine Articles, you are on your definitive way to garner a chunck of affiliate marketing?

The Internet throws a constant bunch of freelance writing opportunities as content developers, copywriters and bloggers.

Ghost writing industry seems to be low on opportunities now because so many new freelance writers were accepted by the industry.

If you too want to get trained as a problogger or an article writer, you can email me for an ecourse. You must be an Indian citizen to take the training. My email is in my blogger profile.

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