Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Earn Money for Writing Content.

Two days ago, I chanced upon a British web site that hires freelance writers.
They give a yearly contract and you are required to write 80 articles per month.

That is quite a bit of work. You should apply only if you think you can cook up 80 articles per month.

The pay rate is not bad at the rate of £3 per 200 worded article. You can earn £240 per month if you submit the full 80 articles.

While applying, you can specify your area of interest but there is no guarantee that you will be awarded work on the topic of your interest. You can deny a contract if that is the case.

Payment is sent directly to your bank via wire transfer.


If so, please email me. I will reply only to emails and not on the comments you leave behind.

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