Friday, July 17, 2009

Make Money as a freelance writer.

One of the most frequently asked question directed at me is , “Can I really make money without a website or a blog”? I will say yes and the next question will be, “How much can I earn”?

If I ask them what can you do or what is your skill, the reply is always, “Data entry, clerical work”. My God, do they still believe that online data entry or clerical work is available. How ignorant.

If I ask them, “Can you write”, NO will be the spontaneous answer. Out of tons of money making online opportunities without a blog, freelance writing throws more chances than anything else.

Residents of the U.S. are always fortunate to live on the right side of the world where opportunities to earn online are abundant.

For them there is an opportunity to earn with Text Broker. Nothing big is expected of freelance writers by Text Broker except they write in good grammar mixed with creativity.

How much can you earn?

Since your work is reviewed and rated by the staff of Text Broker, your earnings depend on your writing quality rating. Full freedom is given whether to accept a work or not.

I would urge U.S. based freelance writers to apply for as an author with Text Broker.