Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Blogging Jobs available.

I keep myself updated on the availability of blogging jobs that are announced by various networks. I have subscribed to hundreds of RSS feeds that are helpful to me as a pro blogger.
I take immense pleasure in helping bloggers to earn more. I take it as my service to the Divine.

Here are two new blogging jobs for bloggers that are advertised on 30th April.

* Lighting by Lux is looking for a writer who is interested in providing content about the various lighting products they design and make especially with those that are for home lighting products.

If interested, you can contact them at Be sure to send your previously published articles. You are also required to send two sample articles on lighting fixtures.

* PsPrint is looking for writers who can provide content on graphics design and direct-marketing ideas for marketing materials such as business cards, fliers, catalogs, letterheads, brochures and stickers.

This area is always in good demand. Proven bloggers are likely to get more contacts with high pay rate.

Send your profile and resume to along with some samples of your work.

Keep coming back here for more income opportunities.