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How to bid on freelance writing jobs.

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Those who are already doing freelance writing to substantiate their online income must be aware of several online marketplaces where they can read requirements of articles required.

Freelance writers can grab the contract by successfully bidding on the job offers. This bidding on freelance jobs requires some tips and guidance.

The biggest online marketplaces are Elance and Guru. I will introduce to you more online marketplaces for freelancers in future. But both the above websites offer articles, website content, corporate copywriting, how-to manuals, and ebooks.

How to successfully bid for freelance writing jobs:
* Showcase your previous works accepted and published
* Offer sample works
* Be ware of the deadline of the poster and consider that while bidding. Often, people lose out on this though their bid is lower or same than the winning bid.
* Bidding on per word or per basis requires some experience. So, don't lose heart when you fail to secure contracts initially. Eventually you will become adept on knowing how much you want to charge per word or per page.
* Don't underbid; don't ever undervalue your skill.
* Write clearly and with knowledge on the subject.
* Follow the basic structure of articles like subject line, synopsis, detail, summary and author's byline.
* Proofread and review your work twice before sending it to the client.

Enjoy your writing.

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