Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eighteen places for authentic job opportunities.

To the best of my ability, I have compiled a list of job boards that announce job opportunities in various fields that include freelance writing, freelance web designing and copywriting. My gratitude to several bloggers for helping me to prepare this.

Some of these job boards also allow you to list yourself as a job seeker.

  1. Elance - List yourself for freelance jobs. This is a bog site. Very popular too.
  2. Jobpile - Aggregates the best job boards on the web
  3. Coroflot Job Board - Designer job board
  4. FWjobs - Web jobs board
  5. 37signals Job Board - Mostly full-time design and programming jobs
  6. Guru - Freelancer listing service with job board
  7. WebProJobs - Freelance and full-time jobs for designers, developers, copywriters and marketers
  8. Authentic Jobs - Full time and freelance job board for standards aware designers and developers
  9. CSS Beauty Job Board - Job board for web designers
  10. Krop - Creative and tech jobs
  11. SlashDot - Jobs for IT professionals
  12. MinistryCamp Job Board - Job board for Christian designers and programmers
  13. Rat race rebellion Plenty of work from home jobs. This is huge website.
  14. I am a Freelancer Freelance jobs
  15. Freelance writing jobs Freelance writing jobs announcement site
  16. All Freelance Freelance job directory
  17. Rent A Ghost Writer Source for ghost writing service
  18. I Freelance Freelance jobs

I wanted to write about only freelance writing opportunities but a few of my online readers wanted to me blog about anything freelancing. That is why I have included other freelance jobs here.

Stay tuned to know about hundreds of freelance writing jobs and get paid to write opportunities.

Image courtesy: Google images