Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AdSense Revenue Sharing sites list.

Without exaggerating, let me tell you one thing. These AdSense Revenue Sharing sites have fetched me some money. However low the amount may be, it is passive income.

An article you post in any of these revenue sharing sites might be viewed by some one even after months or years. At that time, if an ad gets clicked, your adsense account is also credited.

The advantage of participating in revenue sharing sites are:

* The parent site is already popular

* You are get instant readers.

* You can develop loyal readership.

* You learn quite a lot.

· Suite


· Xomba

· Sense Rely

· Triond

· Tutorialtub

· Howtodothings

· Blogger Party



· Hubpages

· Helium

· Shvoong

· Earn By Writing

· Infobarrel



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