Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earn money as a web critic.

Can you tell in a few sentences after you have browsed through a site?
Yes, you can; we all can.
Just put them in to a word document and send it to the owner of the site and if it is good, you are paid $5 minimum. How about it as extra money?

Web site testing or usability testing.
This home business opportunity is called web site testing or usability testing.It can be fun and also rewarding. There are millions of sites that want honest and knowledgeable feedback about them.

How much can you earn?
 For a well written review about all aspects of the web site, one can even demand a price of $25.

What is meant by 'usability testing?
You should browse through a site thoroughly checking the value of the content, spelling and grammar mistakes, pages loading time, 'page not found error', broken links, color combination and so on.

Are you ready?
If so, visit

If you are successful and if you like the work, please contact me and I will direct you to more such sites that pay for your feedback.

It is a promise buddy.

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