Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A brilliant business idea for freelancers.

The ideas to make money by doing almost nothing are everywhere; only few minds filled with sharp business acumen would be able to spot them. Again, not all of them would implement their discoveries. Only about 20% would go ahead and launch a unique business. It is all possible only in the Internet.

Every blogger or freelance article out there in the cyber world are aware of article spinners-right? People spin articles and the spun versions are invariably used for home consumption. Spinning articles involve negligible labour ob your part.

Has anyone thought of selling the spun articles for cheap? Here is a website
that sells spun articles @ $1.00 per article. The website owner (whoever it is or wherever he/she is from) has clearly stated that the articles are spun but would pass copyscape.

Content Recycling:
Visit http://www.1dollararticle.com/
Grasp the idea fully and emulate. Only, please disclose your name and whereabouts in the site's 'Contact Us' page.