Sunday, May 15, 2011

Write and get paid.

Internet is the only resource for people who hate going to job but till want to earn working from home.

Writes hired:
As far as I know, there are literally thousands of people from all over the world are making a living by just writing for the internet in various capacities that include
* article writers,
* guide developers,
* sales letter composers,
* copywriters,
* resume builders
and many more...

Topics to write:
Aspiring writers usually ask me for what topic writers are hired. You can write on any topic that is known to exist.

Who hires writers.
There are more than hundred sites that hire freelance writers. I know of a very good site that hires writers in different capacities and offer more than one way to earn for their writing work.

How much per article?
If you are interested in this fantastic online writing job opportunity, you can earn approximately $12 per article. In addition, your article once accepted and published will continue to earn money for you even after several years.

What is the name of the site that pays $12 plus per one article?
Ah, to know that, you pay me $5 and I will let you know. Of course, you need not pay me and search for it on your own. I am just saving you time and effort which I am sure is worth $5-don't you agree?