Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to make money with article directories?

Among various ways to earn money online, making cash with article directories is probably the quickest way to earn money online.

I always wondered why all those hundreds of freelance article writers slog in online market places to bid for freelance writing project at a slave's rate!

If they are confident of their article writing skill, they should turn their attention on thousands of article directories that are hungry for new articles on just about any subject that has ever existed in the world of Internet.

Article directories are always swarming with guest readers who are your targeted readers because they land on an article to read based on their search term.

Imagine that you are an accountant working in an office or working for an auditor. You can easily weave an article on an accounting topic and place it on various article directories.

You article attracts readers who are looking for the subject you wrote. If they like what they are reading, they will surely read the full article and come to the end of it and will definitely click on the links contained in your resource box.

Your article just gained you a new visitor who might become your loyal reader.

There are literally thousands of article directories out there for you to capitalize. Place a copy of of your articles on every one for maximum exposure using auto submission software.

Eventually your readers will turn buyers.

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