Sunday, January 10, 2010

Use Google Knol to earn money.

Google Knol is a service from Google that allows anyone to share their knowledge and files. If you have Google AdSense account, you can also earn from Google Knol.

Those, who can't write a blog post can use Google Knol as you don't have to write anything interesting. It is like owning your own web page and publish anything as long as you adhere to Google's terms and earn money through AdSense.

According to Google, a knol is "an authoritative article about a specific topic".

Go to and click on "write a knol' that is found just below the search box. Just follow the on screen instructions and you will mange to create your first knol.

Note: You must have Google account to use this facility.

Please browse through the right side bar to add a category to your knol and invite others to review your contribution.

For detailed tutorial, visit this page: