Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to write an ebook?

Just go to and type in "How to write an e-book?" (in quotes as above). You will be bombarded with thousands of articles leading you to the answer to your query.

So, how ill you choose from the mind boggling search results? May be, you will click on the first 10 to 20 links. Ok, will you be able to gather what you need from the first 20 links?

Think long before you answer me. Or even better, try it and give your feedback here later.

My answer is a big “NO”.

It is not how your learn something new and valuable. You must get your hands on specific information that is usually given in e-books and these e-books can be bought for about $20 or less or even for free.

Here is a link for free e-book on ‘how to write an e-book’.

Enjoy it.