Monday, November 9, 2009

How to be a freelance writer from home?

Of the trillions of web sites and blogs out there in the world wide web, how many of them do you think write their own content? I mean their home page, inner pages, sales pages of products and services listed in all the big affiliate directories like Clickbank, CJ, Myhelp pub, Pepperjam etc..

I would say only 50% of them write their own content and the remaining 50% of the web content are written by hiring freelance writers who are also called ghost writers which means the writers won't get credit for their writing but will be compensated by cash.

Some of the areas in which freelance writers are hired:
Article writers
Resume builders
Web page content developers

Those 50% that engage freelance writers-imagine the potential of getting paid as a freelance writers considering the mammoth volume of websites in the web.

I know of a few places that pay you to write. Most of them pay well. You can make a full time income working from home as a freelance writer.

I charge just $10 for this exclusive list of freelance writing opportunities.
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