Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get paid to write.

Visit Google (Yahoo! also ok) and type in "get paid to write" and hit "Enter" button.
What you are likely too see will most probably drive you away from your intention of working from home as a freelance writer because, the search results are mostly from article sites that won't help any aspiring freelance writers.

This is the truth and there is really no point in shying away from this fact. If you don't trust me, do it now and test for yourself.

But, as a refreshing change, if you take time to search this very blog for ways to earn money by writing articles and blog post, you will find some real gems. This, I assure you.

Do a honest comparison of my blog with the top three articles on the subject and you will agree with me.

But, my blog "Get Paid write" is no where in sight in the Google's SERPs. I am writing good content and useful too. I write with proper keywords but still this blog is nowhere near the search results that searchers will find.

Why Google, why?