Friday, September 25, 2009

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Article Writing: Easy or Difficult?

I am going to tell you my story in a brief.

I am ardent admirer of anything that is written interestingly. That is why I liked the works of Tamil story writers Sujatha, Kalki, Devan and English novelists Jeffery Archer, Sydney Sheldon and O.Henry.

Though I admire them, I used to envy them for their writing talent. I sincerely tried writing when I still young but what I wrote was rubbish.

Today, I am almost making a full time income as a writer for Internet!

You too can become a successful Internet writer/blogger/content developer and start making money by writing articles or blog posts provided you are serious about working from home as a freelance writer.

The advantages of working from home as a freelance writer/blogger:
* Your business is portable
* Move anywhere in the world
* No commuting
* No dress code
* Unlimited scope of earning
* Can train others as article writers or bloggers

If I, a native Indian could do it, you can also do it-right?

Still in dilemma?
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