Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Writers hired.

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It is my intention to let you know all the available freelance writing opportunities.

I have been earning a decent sum every month as a freelance writer/professional blogger. I come across so many freelance writing opportunities that I seem to be a misfit.

But why should I ignore them altogether? You may be suitable. Or your friend or relative has great writing talent and you can show this blog to them.

You will find income opportunities essentially for freelance writers in the following areas:
Article writers.
Content Developers.
Professional Bloggers.

Mostly of the freelance writing opportunities pay you per article or blog post. Some income opportunities pay you by the hour, while, some might pay you per page. ($5 per page to $20 per page)

And, there is a constant demand for essay writers and ghost writers.

Bloggers can earn anything from $2 per blog post to $200 blog post.

Some bloggers are paid as a monthly salary too.

You can also earn by sharing the advertisements revenue of some of the article web sites.

You will also learn valuable tips to be come a freelance writers. I will show several resources for you that are essential for a career in freelance writing.

The Internet is growing at breakneck speed. So, there is going be an increase in demand for internet writers as content developers and bloggers.

So, please keep watching this blog by adding it in your browser favorites.

Image courtesy: www.inkygirl.com via Google Images.